Fishing Report for the 2017 Season in Ucluelet, B.C.

If you’re thinking about coming out to fish in Ucluelet for 2018, past seasons can be a good indicator for what to expect and when to come. Charters like are great resources for fishing reports from the entire year, and for past years so that you can try to best predict your experience for the time of year you’re wanting to come.



Here’s a quick wrap-up on the 2017 season in Ucluelet to get you started:


Fishing began as early as March and were about as good as could be expected for that time of year. Through April, the fishing consisted of some good days where everyone caught their limits, and some slower days where a lot of work was required for a payout of 1-3 salmon. Halibut fishing, as usual, was an art of practice in close to shore, but was rewarding. If salmon proved too slow for any fun, there were plenty of lingcod to make up for it. It’s always good to have a couple days booked to make sure you get at least a decent amount of salmon and have time to fish for other things.

Early Season

The early season including May and June was better than predicted in that there was a pretty good chance you could reel in a Chinook salmon larger than 20lbs. Some charters even saw a couple tyees! While it could still take all day to hit your limit, the fishing proved to be steady and many visitors left with a happy freezer full. Even the afternoon bite saw fish jumping in the boat at times. In Ucluelet, the hotspot for June was Big Bank, and it continued to be the place to fish until the end of August. May and June also saw plenty of grilse, which menas we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a great early season in 2018.



Peak Season

This year was great in July and August with most charters meeting their limit for both Chinook and halibut. Starting in mid-August, the fish moved in closer to shore, so Big Bank was no longer the hotspot and the boats moved in. Halibut also slowed down by the second half of August, but catching your limit wasn’t off the table, it just took some extra time. Inshore, the Chinook fishing was pretty good, and there was even the chance to experience live squid fishing for about a week near the end of July!

Coho also moved in around Big Bank, which can be fun as they are aggressive and have a fast bite and good fight. The problem with Coho is that you are only able to keep those with a clipped adipose fin, and the majority of the 2017 run in Big Bank did not. However, to catch a bigger fish in close to shore, July is definitely the time to come for Chinook.

End Season

Up until the middle of September, the Chinook remained steady. Then, it dropped off as normal. Halibut was closed early this year, seeing the season end on September 5. Instead of Halibut, fishermen went for lingcod, which are another great source of tasty white meat.


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