Types of Fish to Catch in Ucluelet

The West Coast of Vancouver Island is a paradise for fishermen, whether as a safe harbour for commercial boats, or a fun destination for recreational fishing. Saltwater fishing is the name of the game, whether inshore or offshore. While salmon are the first that come to mind, there are plenty of other types of fish to catch as well. Read on to find the types of fish to catch in Ucluelet when you book a fishing charter.



First things first are the salmon:



Also known as king salmon, and Tyees when over thirty pounds, chinook are the prized catch out here on the coast. From June until September, they frequent the waters, moving inshore near the end of the season as spawning is about to begin. They range from about 18-40lbs and put up a wild fight, making them as fun to catch as they are good to eat. Chinook salmon are blue/green in colour on their backs, with silver sides and giveaway black spots on their tails and upper halves.


Also known as silvers, these guys are second in line for being caught when fishing in Ucluelet. A bit smaller at 10-20lbs, they can arrive in late June, and typically stay through September. The trick with Coho is that you can only keep the ones with a trimmed adipose fin, and their run can be inconsistent. Still, when you do catch a few, they make for great eating and smoking.



Other Fish:



Halibut are also in high demand for any fishing charter on the coast. Averaging 20-45lbs, it’s common to catch even larger, monster halibut off of the coast! Last season, Salmon Eye Charters recorded on that was 75lbs! Fishing for halibut can be a bit weather dependent because of the style of fishing, but they can be caught all summer long and are tasty to eat.


Lingcod are fun fishing, and some rather large specimens can be caught off of the coast of Ucluelet. Jigging with fresh meat on the line brings them out to play – prepare yourself for a workout! The smaller ones especially make for some great eating, despite the ogre-like features of the fish itself. Its large head, sharp teeth and sleek body make for a strange sight. It’s colour varies from browns and yellows to grey and green, and occasionally, the fish’s flesh itself is blue-tinged.

Rock Cod

Rock cod fishing can also be plenty of fun, although it isn’t as rewarding or sought after as the other kinds of fish on the coast. However, they occupy the ocean’s floor just like Ling and Halibut do, so you’re likely to catch a few on any given charter out of Ucluelet. While a common food in Asia, if they aren’t your thing you can sometimes feed the eagles a snack, or use them to catch a bigger prize. They can be black and green to red in colour, with distinct fins with heavy spines.


For more about fishing in Ucluelet, check out www.ucluelet-info.com/fishing-charters-ucluelet-bc/

For more about fishing on Vancouver Island: www.discovervancouverisland.com/things-to-do/fishing/

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