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Ucluelet BC is one of the top destinations on the west coast of British Columbia to catch salmon and halibut. This website is geared for those who are looking for a fishing charter and for new locals just figuring what kind of boat to buy and how to set it up. Most of the information written here is by Sam Vandervalk who runs Salmon Eye Charters in Ucluelet, so you are getting information from someone who has not only been on the water for over a 1000 days, but also outfitted all of the boats and taken care of maintenance.

Getting into fishing takes some commitment, and once you have bought the boat, you will then have to make sure it is rigged properly and the maintenance is done on schedule. Then you have the challenge of figuring out how much tackle to buy. Fisherman can spend thousands on tackle since the fish keep seeming to switch what they will bite on. It is a good strategy to buy most of your gear new from a tackle shop rather than picking up used gear that was successful a decade or two ago. Fisherman keep improving gear to look more and more like the real bait. Thats not to say that there aren’t some good oldies out there, but most of the good oldies are not for sale.

Becoming a successful fisherman.

Techniques for getting results.!

The majority of the salmon seemed to be about about 7-10 miles offshore for much of Vancouver Island this year. Outside Lighthouse Bank, Long Beach and Hyason were the hotspots for fish most of the season. The Big Bank was producing fish as well, but was not that consistent for 15lb plus salmon. Normal spots like the shallow spot and the top edge of the bank good only for a few days. Most of the action at Big Bank happened at the Rat’s nose.

Halibut fishing was also not as consistent on Big Bank though there were some good days fishing the egg and the shallows. Near the later part of the season halibut were taken out at the Horseshoe and WhalesTail and near the Hyason. Long Beach is normally a good spot as well, but that never got good for halibut.

A place of Nature

Why Ucluelet is a great place.

One of the benefits of fishing around Ucluelet is all the wildlife that are seen on fishing trips. Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, and on occasion Orca Whales can be seen on the way out or sometimes around the fishing grounds. Humpback and Gray Whales don’t affect the fishing while Orcas can have an impact. While very rare, the resident orcas can stick around for a couple weeks if there are enough salmon. In 2014 some resident orcas hung around Florencia Bay for about 3 weeks during September. In the summer of 2016, Transient Orcas passed through Wya point during August but did not disrupt the fishing as they didn’t stay long and were most likely hunting sea lions.

Other wildlife includes Pacific White sided Dolphins, Porpoises, Sealions and Sea otters. Porpoises are the most common and it is not unusual for them to be seen somewhere between the bridge and Outside Lighthouse bank. Sea Otters are most commonly seen around kelp beds in close to shore and they are fascinating animals which are growing in population again. Stellar Sealions can follow your boat when fishing offshore for short periods of time. The best spot for viewing is around Mara rock and here you will see both California and Stellar Sea Lions.

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